Monday, 17 September 2007

Run for Life 2007 III

This year we initiated a project through the Simon Poultney Foundation to encourage local youth to produce artwork depicting "Hope" which was then on display in the pavilion for people to enjoy.

Run for Life 2007 II

Families who have lost loved ones to suicide are encouraged to make up boards which are then displayed along the route of the run. Later the families parade with the boards in the pavilion and are recognized by everyone. This year our family lead the walk - a very difficult thing to do especially as we had a bagpiper going before us - such haunting, moving music..

Run for Life 2007 I

On September 16 we all took part in the (4th) annual Rotary Run for Life in Stony Plain in support of suicide education and prevention. Bronwen and Gordon did the 10km run, Johanna and her boyfriend, Mark, did the 5km run and Jenny did the 5km walk.

These photos show Gordon and Bronwen sporting their medallions after their run and the backs of their shirts showing the photo of Simon in whose memory they were running.

Johanna, Cai and Mark enjoy the great breakfast served after the run.