Saturday, 30 May 2009

Pancake Breakfast Quest - #1

This summer we have a launched a quest to partake in as many pancake breakfasts as we can, being that they are such a feature of Canadian summer life. Whilst most of them will probably be around Alberta we'll certainly enjoy them wherever we can ! If you have any to suggest or recommend we will always be on the look out for others to attend !

We launched the project at Stony Plain, Alberta, Farmers Days on June 30. The cost was $ 2.00 - great value for money as there were fat sausages and big pancakes. The coffee was hot and plenty of it too !

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Wisdom of Cai - Again

Today Johanna, Cai and Gordon went on a road trip to Panoka to check out where Johanna will be doing her ambulance pracitcum. The photo shows Cai in his car seat in the back using Johanna's tanning goggles as sun glasses !

On the way back Gordon was driving - first along the highway, so at a good speed, then in the city where he slowed down according to the reduced speed limit.

Cai : "Bumpa, why are you driving so slowly ?"
Gordon : "Because you have to drive slowly. There are policeman watching and if you go too fast they'll stop you and shout at you !"
Cai : (ten seconds later) "But Bumpa I'm not driving !!"